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released January 17, 2015



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GET A GRIP Tucson, Arizona

Hardcore Punk from Tucson, AZ.

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Track Name: My Mind Is Mine
Don't tell me what to think, that's all you ever do
Get outta my thoughts, what do you take me for a fool?
Well I've got something to say, get outta my head and my brain
Before I fucking snap, my mind is mine and that's that

My Mind is Mine x4 

Get outta my brain
Stay outta my thoughts
Quit trying to control me
You're causing constant pain 
Track Name: Behind the Badge
Walk around high and mighty act so tall
Waiting to make paycheck off someone else's fall
Harassing every kid that's in your way
If he gives you back talk you better make him pay

Make sure you get everyone to pay the the time
Even the innocent who did nothing wrong, find a crime
Stomp on everything that questions you
Abuse your authority and power through and through

The things you do never make sense
Your power thirst is never quenched
Lets turn the ables around and look at you
Take a good hard look at your life and everything you do

Look at all the things you've done with your life
How many people taken from their families and lives
Stand against them all, the police act
I'll never wanna know what's behind the badge
Track Name: Another Day
Sometimes I wonder why I get out of bed
Sometimes I wonder what the fucks wrong with my head
It's getting worse, I don't know what to do
I'm going insane from all the bullshit that you spew 
It just keeps getting worse
I don't how to stop

My anger it boils inside of my head
My mind is fucked, I'm better off dead
It's getting worse, I don't know what to do
How can I stop myself from these horrible things I do

What the fuck is this happening to me
Is this real life or a lucid dream
Living in a real life hell
How long can I last only time will tell

Getting caught under all of this shit
I'm so sick of it all and done with it 
I've gotta find another way out
I've gotta find another way, another way before I go insane